well my week just gets better and better

30 Mar

One of the owners at work called a meeting today to say that the business is going tits up and jobs will be cut, we don’t know who’s yet but the general rule of last in, first out normally applies here so I’m screwed.

Theres a secondary school just down the road from the vets and all of the kids walk past, not a care in the world, I’m sat there thinking… you bastards, you absolute cocknoses, you don’t have car payments to make, job security to worry about, your knees don’t sound like bubble wrap under attack every time you stand up… you havent got a clue.

I wish I had a time machine.. but if I’m honest I’m not sure what good it would do, Id most likely do everything the same with only a few exceptions, Id still most likely be sat here as I am now. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to look at my future, at the moment I can’t still dream that my life is going to be spectacular…


Today is going to be a good day

29 Mar

At least I thought it would be, as I walked to work the sun was shining, I was smiling and I thought to my self, yep today is going to be great, I even found a washer on the floor… but then I realised that I had left my phone in bed and I didn’t have time to turn back and get it…. That was where I started to suspect that my day wasn’t going to be great. I felt a dull ache in the pit of my stomach for my beloved iPhone, then my tummy cried out which I thought was a bit over dramatic, I don’t see why it was so bother about being iphoneless and then I realised that the sandwich I made for my walk to work was left on the kitchen side and was now most likely residing in one of the cats small intestines and then two cats and an owl died at work…. Not a great day in the life of theanonymoushippopotamus it could be worse I could be borris the owl

another monday

28 Mar

Today I did nothing at work,Im starting to think that nothing is quite boring, but its better than my last job.

My weekend was good, I went shopping and came across a pub with a giant giraffe slide. I fell off it, which is an achievment considering it had saftey rails….. so yar things arn’t too shabby.. not too shabby at all.


26 Mar

OMG im soooo totally lame with this thing, ill sort it out…

I think I need to lay off the biscuits

24 Mar

I’ve got a podge going on… one half of me thinks its funny but the other half isn’t impressed… im currently too tired to care

see i did write it, wordpress was just broken

22 Mar

Im starting to get into the swing of things, I can get up in the morning without dying, Im getting the hang of things at work, even tho the old ladies I work with are tools. They have been working there for 5.. 10… 25 years and think that they know everything, which yes they know a lot more than me about vet things as they have all been veterinary nurses but they no squat about computers and have the social skills or a damp tea towel…. but apart from that its going quite well, I am making plans too, which to a normal person would seem very mundane, but to a seasonaire… its amazing, the week after next im going to London to the National History and Science museums and the week after im back in London for an awards doo with my mum, then the next weekend its my birthday, Im also going down to visit my brother in Plymouth, visit my friend that lives somewhere east of here and my friend whom I went skiing with is back from france soon! I am going to be a busy bee, I need to write everything down because I have a terrible habit of double booking my self and I end up having to have two dinners in a night or go see the same film more than once and lie saying ‘nooooo I waited to see it with you, just like I said I would’ I need coloured paper and shiney pens I think…. Im trying to spend my free time wisely too so i dont just end up watching day time TV on my list of things I can do is:

1. Learn something

2. Tidy room

3. Write blog

4. Make plans

5. Bake cakes

6. Do plans

numbers 2 and 5 aint happening and most of my time is being consumed by learning to play the Ukulele.

Daydream believer :D

21 Mar

Today whilst sat at my desk I re-discovered something that I had almost forgotten about, whilst doing nothing earlier at work, I drifted off into a beautiful day-dream. It was great, I haven’t done it properly in ages, so I spent most of my time at work, imagining doing much more exciting things. It was good, I didn’t do any work, but I’m new and I’m gonna play that card for a while, the more stupid I act now, the more impressed they’re gonna be when I actually do my job.


ok this blog a day thing is to much…

20 Mar

Ive had a busy weekend, I went to go visit an old friend from camp, he now lives here….

Bit swish I know, I am envious, but I like him so its ok.

And I’ve been to the pub.. I promise I will write something good tomorrow


17 Mar

I don’t know if its work or watching/listening to Chris Moyles on the radio, but I am sooo tired… I feel like I need a huge sleep but I can’t nap in the day because then I wont sleep at night but the night just isn’t long enough, its a real conundrum and thinking about it more is just making me more tired….. it’s a vicious circle

A dog died today aswell but that wasnt the saddest part of my day… whilst eating dinner (beef chow mein) I commented on the new sauce saying it wasnt as good as the last one… to which Lee said ‘if it aint wong it and white’ and I knew the quote was from GTA (I even knew it was from the third one). That is sad… soooo.. soo.. depressingly sad

nom nom nom oranges :)

16 Mar

Im still not getting my noodle around working… Im only working 4/5 hours a day but it’s just not all fitting in.. Ive gained 3 hours from getting up earlier so im only losing an hour or 2 and I havent been watching friends on e4 so theres an hour and a half… so on a good day only lost half an hour, but it just doesnt feel right. Im not even working when I am at work, I’m just sitting. I need a day off.

On another note I am slightly addicted to listening to the Chris Moyles marathon, together with comedy Dave theyre trying to broadcast for 52 hours straight, theyre gonna be absolutely broken tomorrow let alone friday!!I think that’s making me feel tired too..

I’m eating oranges in the hope that they will make me feel better, but when ever im eating one I always feel that half way through someones eaten the other half but in actual fact I’ve eaten the whole thing… deceptively small